09 March 2010

2nd Critcal Conversation with Loren Groenendaal

On March 26th and 27th, Loren Groenendaal will be presenting her MFA thesis concert at the UNCG Dance Theater at 8:00pm. This will be my second opportunity to engage in a dialogue with a choreographer about their work. Please be sure to follow the conversation as it unfolds on facebook or read about it right here.

Make sure to attend Loren's concert as well and click here for more details!!

1st Critical Conversation with Amanda Diorio

On March 19th and 20th, UNCG Grad Student Amanda Diorio will be presenting her MFA thesis "re:Forms" at the UNCG Dance Theater at 8:00pm. In the days following the performances, she and I will engage in a dialogue about her work. Watch it unfold on facebook or see it posted here!

Click here for information about the concert and be sure to come out and support if you are in and around the Greensboro area!

First time blogger

Well, I never thought I would find myself typing on MY blog. I didn't even like using the word "blog", but alas, here I am, typing my very first blog entry. Perhaps I didn't have anything interesting to say before. I can't guarantee I have anything interesting to say now either, but I do have interesting questions and I hope to not only share my thoughts, but more importantly, soak up all the interesting things I can learn from others. I am currently a graduate student and teaching assistant at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, studying choreography. It is awesome to be back an environment where I am surrounded by great intelligence and creativity. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, questions, and ideas.